Are your teeth stained, dull, or discolored? Despite efficient oral hygiene practices, you will experience some level of tooth discoloration due to the aging process. Fortunately, professional teeth whitening procedures can revitalize your teeth and enhance your smile’s appearance. At Marine Hills Dentistry in Federal Way, Washington, we offer Zoom teeth whitening to give you a sparkling white smile. In just one appointment, we can make your smile eight shades brighter.

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What Is Zoom Teeth Whitening?

Zoom teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure that uses light-activated technology to remove discoloration from your teeth. This system combines a special bleaching gel with low-intensity UV light to brighten your teeth by about eight shades in three to four applications. In under an hour, you can achieve a flawlessly beautiful smile.

Why Do Your Teeth Darken?

Your teeth may start to appear grey or dull due to several factors. The diet you consume has a significant role to play in the shade of your smile. Foods like red sauces, dark ripe berries, and vinegar stick to the teeth and gradually darken the enamel. Beverages like tea, coffee, and sodas may also quickly change the color of your teeth.

Other factors affecting the shade of a smile include:

  • Certain drugs like tetracycline
  • Tobacco use
  • Smoking
  • Too much fluoride exposure during childhood
  • Poor dental hygiene

How Does Zoom Whitening Work?

When you decide to choose professional in-office teeth whitening, you will benefit from the fastest results possible. Dr. Dennis Hahn will first give you a comprehensive oral exam to make sure your teeth and gums are healthy. If found fit, we will cover your gums, lips, tongue, and cheeks with a protective shield.

Then, each of your teeth will be painted with the bleaching solution which penetrates the tooth enamel and removes the stains. Finally, a UV light activates the bleaching agents and speeds up the whitening process. After three coatings, we will complete your whitening treatment with a fluoride application.

How Long Do the Zoom Whitening Effects Last?

The effects of Zoom teeth whitening are not permanent. If you want to retain your flawless smile, the Zoom teeth whitening process will need to be repeated after twelve to eighteen months. It will help if you brush and floss your teeth efficiently and avoid staining foods and drinks as well as cut down on smoking and alcohol.

Are you interested in having a whiter, brighter smile? Zoom teeth whitening can help you achieve your dreams. Visit our office, Marine Hills Dentistry, at 1500 S Dash Point Rd, Federal Way, WA 98003, or call Dentist Federal Way, WA at (253) 839-2800 and schedule an appointment.