Oral Surgery Federal Way WA

Oral Surgery Federal Way WA

Dental pain can significantly affect a patients' health, moods, and quality of life. When you are scheduled to undergo oral surgery, it can evoke feelings of nervousness and anxiety. At Complete Dental Health LLC in Albany, Oregon, our dental professionals are highly skilled in performing oral surgeries such as tooth extraction, wisdom teeth removal, dental implantation, and many more. We will help you achieve safe and comfortable dental procedures with our personalized approach.

When Is Oral Surgery Necessary?

Oral surgery encompasses a wide assortment of procedures involving oral structures. If you feel pain or discomfort in your mouth areas, or you have noticed other troublesome symptoms, you should consult your dentist right away.
During your visit, our dentists will perform a comprehensive assessment of your mouth and jawbone, which may include taking dental X-rays or other imaging scans. We may then identify the problem and discuss the best course of action, including the possibility of oral surgery.

Oral Surgeries at Complete Dental Health LLC

Tooth Extraction
If a tooth is badly impaired by gum disease, decay, or trauma, and to prevent further complications, removing and replacing the tooth may be the only option. An extraction may be simple or complex based on whether the tooth is visible above the gum line or impacted. If a tooth is not impacted, our dentist will perform minor surgery under local anesthesia to remove it. The tooth is pulled out from its socket using forceps. You may feel pain or discomfort after the treatment, which can be managed with antibiotics and pain medication.
Wisdom Teeth Extractions
Wisdom tooth extractions are generally more complex than a standard extraction. The wisdom teeth are the last molars to emerge, and they don't always need to be removed. However, we may recommend extraction if a wisdom tooth is impacted in the gum, leading to infection or causing an overcrowded mouth.
Our dentist will make an incision in the gum during wisdom teeth removal to access the tooth and remove it. The area is sealed with sutures. To ensure quick healing, apply an ice pack to the outside of your cheek and take pain relief and anti-inflammatory medication to help ease the discomfort.
Dental Implants
The placement of dental implants will require a surgical procedure. The implant post is placed underneath your gums during the surgery, and the site is closed with stitches to hasten the healing process. Once the implants have grafted with the jawbone, it is topped up with a crown restoration.

To learn more about your oral surgery options, visit our office, Complete Dental Health, at 1123 Hill Street SE, Suite A, Albany, OR 97322. You can also reach us at (541) 928-6622.


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