Composite/ White Fillings Federal Way WA

Composite/ White Fillings Federal Way WA

Earlier, dental fillings were made from various metals, such as gold, silver, and amalgam. However, these materials would leave a rather metallic appearance on the teeth, which would ruin the beauty of your smile. They could also cause toxic reactions with the natural tissues of the teeth and damage them due to their abnormal expansion and contraction properties. Due to these drawbacks, the use of metal fillings has been limited, and tooth-colored composite fillings are widely preferred.

What are the advantages of composite fillings?

  • Composite fillings are made from dental-grade composite resin. It is biocompatible and does not cause any toxic reactions to the natural tissues of the teeth.
  • Placing the filling is quite a simple and easy process. It doesn’t take a lot of time to set the filling, and once done, it lasts for several years together without any hassle.
  • Composite fillings are highly durable. Their rate of wear is similar to that of the enamel, which is negligible.
  • Fillings offer excellent sealing properties. This prevents the microbes from entering the cavity and causing reinfection.
  • The best feature of composite fillings is that they can be customized to match the exact appearance of the natural teeth. This keeps them under disguise and prevents anyone from easily noticing them when you smile, talk, or laugh.


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