Do you enjoy playing sports? Do you play a contact sport? If so, then you should consider wearing sports mouthguards.

A sports mouthguard is a protective piece of equipment that fits over your teeth to prevent injury during athletic activity. Most professional sports teams provide their players with custom-made mouthguards that have a special shock-absorbing material in them. However, you can certainly purchase a sports mouthguard over the counter as well. These over-the-counter mouthguards are relatively inexpensive and come in several different sizes to accommodate different types of mouths. When you want to protect your mouth from injury or inflammation while you play your favorite sport, make sure to wear a properly fitting sports mouthguard in Federal Way, WA!

How Is a Sports Mouthguard Made?

A sports mouthguard in Federal Way, WA, must be made to fit very tightly to your teeth. As a result, it usually requires two visits to the dentist in Federal Way, WA. During the first visit, an impression is taken of the upper and lower arches. The impression is sent to a professional laboratory that fabricates the mouthguard. At the follow-up visit, the mouthguard is checked for fit and adjusted if needed before it is permanently bonded to the teeth using a special adhesive. Since this process takes about two weeks, it’s best to plan ahead for games and practices well in advance.

A properly fitted sports guard in Federal Way, WA, can reduce the risk of concussion by absorbing impact energy from a blow to the face or jaw. It can also protect teeth from chips, cracks, fractures, and other damage. Plus, it’s more comfortable than a traditional “boil-and-bite” style mouthguard in that it can be easily slipped in and out during breaks in the action. It can even be worn with braces, though it may need to be replaced more often due to wear and tear.

What Are the Benefits of Wearing a Sports Mouthguard in Federal Way, WA?

The most obvious benefit of wearing a sports mouthguard is that it protects your smile. When you play a sport, there is always a chance you could suffer an injury, especially if you’re playing contact sports or competing at a high level. A sports mouthguard helps to absorb some of the force from a collision which could easily result in you chipping a tooth or damaging your braces. It can also help to prevent broken teeth that will require a dental crown or a root canal to fix. In some cases, it could even help to prevent a concussion! (And if you wear braces, it can help to protect your teeth from the brackets and wires of your braces.)

Another benefit of wearing a sports mouthguard in Federal Way, WA, is that whenever you are playing a sport, you won’t have to worry as much about your breath. These days, you can buy mouthguards that will provide you with additional protection against bad breath. So even if you don’t end up sustaining any injuries during your next game, you won’t have to worry about how your breath smells afterward!


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