The Gift of Good Dental Health

Posted by DR. HAHN on Dec 16 2020, 10:17 AM

The phrase ‘Health is wealth’ is quite accurate when it comes to dental health too. Having a healthy set of teeth can have a significant positive impact on your everyday life. Oral hygiene not only contributes to your health but to the beauty and appearance of your smile as well. At Marine Hills Dentistry, we make sure our patients receive only the best dental service, which would help them maintain a healthy and aesthetically pleasing smile always.

How to take care of your teeth in addition to regular dental care?

You may have heard healthcare practitioners suggesting you visit the dentistat least once in six months and wondered why. No matter how well you brush and floss your teeth or take care of your oral health with utmost importance, certain minute aspects could go unnoticed. Some of them are cavities, tartar deposits, oral infections, unwanted growth of underlying tissues, malocclusion, etc. If ignored for a prolonged period, these concerns could intensify and become quite significant. Hence, periodic dental consultations with your family dentist would be necessary to ensure your oral health doesn’t suffer.

What is included in a routine consultation?

The first and foremost concern we check for is tartar deposits. Tartar contains thousands of harmful bacteria that release toxins capable of eroding the enamel and decaying the soft gum tissues. We also check the teeth for cavities. Ultrasonic scaling is performed to remove the tartar deposits and decayed tissues from the cavities, after which they are washed away using a jet of water. If required, root planing will be performed to clean the tooth roots. Additionally, we check for the onset of oral infections like gum diseases and provide the necessary treatment to address them. Since family dentists maintain a detailed record of your oral health history, it would be easier for them to effectively treat the oral conditions.

The benefits of a pleasing smile

Did you know that smiling more often has its own health benefits like reduced levels of blood pressure, lesser mental stress, and a healthier heart? Smiling releases the ‘feel-good’ hormones, which naturally reduce stress and sometimes act as pain-relievers too. But, as we grow up, we tend to smile a lot less compared to children. A significant cause behind this could be a displeasing smile, owing to factors like damaged teeth, malocclusion, decayed gums, discoloration, etc. We provide the perfect treatment to such concerns using our cosmetic dental solutions, among which teeth whitening, ceramic dental restorations, and orthodontic aligners are a few popular ones.

How well we take care of our oral health speaks a lot about our overall health. After all, the mouth is the gateway to the body. Therefore, gift yourself a healthy set of teeth and good dental health. 

You may schedule a consultation with our Dentist in Federal Way by calling us at (253) 839-2800 or reaching us through an online query. We’re always happy to help.

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