A composite filling is a tooth-colored plastic and glass mixture used to restore decayed teeth or to fix chips, cracks, or fractures in your teeth. The composite material is a mixture of glass and resin with acrylic added for durability and wears resistance. They can be used on any front or back teeth and are an excellent option for the most visible teeth in your mouth. Composite fillings in Federal Way, WA, contain no mercury or other metals and are color-matched to the color of your natural teeth. For those with aesthetic concerns, white fillings in Federal Way, WA, can be a great choice to give you a smile that looks natural and healthy.

Our dentist in Federal Way, WA, will perform an examination to determine if you are a candidate for composite fillings and then will remove any decay or damage and prepare the tooth for the filling. They will then place the composite filling material into the cavity or onto the prepared surface of the

How are Composite Fillings in Federal Way, WA, placed?

When a composite filling is placed, the tooth and the area around it are numbed with a local anesthetic. Then, our dentist in Federal Way, WA, will drill into the tooth to create a space for the composite filling. The dentist will use a special resin material to fill in the hole that was created. This will effectively restore the missing part of your tooth. Finally, the filling will be polished to match the shape and color of the surrounding teeth.

The entire process usually takes about 30 minutes to an hour to complete. Some patients experience sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures after receiving a composite filling due to the materials used in the filling, but sensitivity usually subsides within a few days.

What are the Advantages of Composite Fillings in Federal Way, WA?

As we discussed, composite fillings in Federal Way, WA, are aesthetically appealing because they are tooth-colored and made of resin material. This makes them ideal for teeth in the front of your mouth that are visible when you smile. They are also less sensitive to temperature changes than other fillings.

Composite fillings in Federal Way, WA, are bonded to your teeth and allow for a fuller restoration of your natural tooth. The resin used in them can be matched to your tooth color for a restoration that looks completely natural. They are long-lasting and provide a better overall appearance.


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